Listen here kids... Don’t Let This Happen To You

Originally released in 1986 simultaneously in the UK on Bedrock Records (BED LP 1) and in the US on Bob Greenlee’s legendary King Snake Records (KS 0001). This was the first album out for each label. Digitally remastered for CD from the original studio master, produced by Greenlee and Ernie Lancaster who both also co-wrote the material with Root Boy - Don’t Let This Happen To You runs the gamut from political (Rich, White and Republican, It’s Only Murder) to cautionary (I Fell Down, House Band in Hell) to soulful (They Don’t Sing on the Corner, Evolution) to flat out ludicrous (When You Date the Undead, Health Spa Lady, Computer Lover, Kinky U.) - all from the twisted perspective of Root Boy Slim supported by some of the hottest players in Central Florida and Washington, DC. (featuring Ernie Lancaster, Ron Holloway, Tommy Lepson, Bob Greenlee, Scott Corwin, Ray Tilkens).

As a bonus, we’ve dusted off the never-before-released
“Hicktown Pizza Hut Woman”, a blistering rocker recorded between Dog Secrets (1983) and Don’t Let This Happen To You (with Ernie Lancaster, Dan Hovey, Brent Mingle, Rex Wilson, Mitch Collins, Tommy Lepson and Kathy Russell).

Release date: January 1, 2015 RipBang Records RBR007
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Song Samples
1. When You Date the Undead
2. Rich, White and Republican
3. Health Spa Lady
4. Kinky U.
5. Computer Lover
6. They Don’t Sing on the Corner
7. I Fell Down
8. It’s Only Murder
9. House Band in Hell
10. Evolution
Bonus Track
11. Hicktown Pizza Hut Woman

All compositions ©1986 Root Boy Music, BMI
© 2015 Rip Bang Pictures obo Root Boy Music